Block the Ban on Cannabis Businesses

Key points and information to educate the public on the upcoming recreational cannabis era in Massachusetts.


 Banning Cannabis allows the illicit market to prevail! Our cities and towns loose an estimated 420 thousand dollars lost in revenue for every retail store we have banned! You can change this!

Prohibition failed but regulation can succeed! If the illicit market prevails we give criminals the advantage while our cities and towns lose!

* An Estimated Tax Revenue of $420,000k will be lost per recreational shop per year if cannabis is banned here. The People of Massachusetts are sick of our taxes going up! According to the tax and regulate cannabis group called “Regulate Cape Cod” , the tax revenue from one dispensary would generate an average of 420K per year at a 6 percent town tax rate. This is a low estimate and does not include the potential increase during the busy season. It also does not include any other potential cannabis establishments such as cultivators, and on site consumption establishments, so the possibilities are endless. Massachusetts is becoming increasingly more difficult for lower and middle income residents to survive. We are pushing out young people and lower to middle class individuals. We need a change and so far as a resident I have only seen more taxes and nothing to generate more jobs for our young people or myself with living wages.

* Sira Naturals is a cannabis cultivator currently with 100 employees. They start their employees off at 15 dollars an hour. Compare that to most jobs paying minimum wage or 11 an hour. By blocking this our town is hurting it’s job market. Pay attention to employers on they state starting wages are also 15 dollars for retail and 60-120 thousand for management. We need this!! No brainer folks.

*Reefer madness is false propaganda! No one had ever died of a marijuana overdose!  People die from alcohol and tobacco every day, yet there are liquor stores and tobacco products in plethora! The hypocrisy is staggering!

* There will not be a pot shop on every corner! Our town will have the ability to limit establishments and determine their locations. Under the new law, selectmen can limit the number of marijuana businesses and determine their location. As the law reads there can be 20 percent cannabis shops to liquor stores.

* Banning Cannabis business won’t keep marijuana out of our towns and cities, but it will increase the illicit market! People are smoking and using cannabis everywhere with or without a ban- it’s irresponsible not to make it safe for our community to purchase cannabis from a non-criminal entity!

* Public Safety is Paramount! Street dealers don’t ask for ID’s A town ban would send marijuana users into a free for all markets where products have no safety standards and cannabis is sold to minors.

* Under the law dispensaries will have to have security, they will only sell to adults 21 and older, and all of their products require independent lab testing to ensure safety and quality.

Information sourced from Regulate Cape Cod flyers and information sessions including leading Industry Experts.

Cannabis Consultant and Independent Contractor, Yoga Instructor, Aromatherpist, Ancient Percussionist, Master Energy Healer, Soul Reader. (Offering remote and in person sessions and classes for individuals and groups) Kellie’s Holistic Healing and Stress Reduction

For a few more titillating facts about cannabis from reputable sources please see the following:

Unfortunately Cannabis Business was banned in my hometown of Sandwich Massachusetts, however, I still continue to educate people about Cannabis Law and Regulations, as well as share the research on the healing properties of cannabis. I independently consult to teach people how to treat ailments and disease through cannabis and it’s preparations . Come July 2018 legal recreational cannabis business will begin to open up in the state of MA. These are new and exciting times. Stay tuned!

Cannabis Consultant and Independent Contractor, Yoga Instructor, Aromatherapist, Ancient Percussionist, Master Energy Healer, Soul Reader. (Offering remote and in person sessions and classes for individuals and groups) Kellie’s Holistic Healing and Stress Reduction



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Hatha Yoga Instructor, Healing With Cannabis Consultant and Educator, Ancient Percussionist, Aromatherapist and Herbalist, Stress Reduction Expert, Master Energy Healer, Soul Readings