Journeying Into Cannabis Pet Therapy


Update!!! A week into treatment and I have shrunk Bears largest 3 cm in diameter skin growth down 1 centimeter!

My 7 year old poodle is not only near and dear to my heart, he has provided therapy to many elder patients, as well as being the best pal to my two toddlers A.J. and Irene! Bear is certainly an integral part of the family.  He is the most adorable standard poodle with a sweet and gentle nature.  Since he was a puppy he has accompanied me to my patients homes as well as journeyed into nature with me on Cape Cod.  This winter I let his coat get long as I usually do because he loves to play in the snow and even lay in it.  When spring came along, I shaved off his coat to prepare him for the warmer months ahead, but noticed something different!  Bear’s little moles had grown!

I immediately remembered when our beautiful childhood cat “Buzzy” developed bumps on his skin that suddenly grew.  When biopsied they ended up being cancer, so we had to put him to sleep.  Since Bear’s growths are spread out on his body,  I can assume that if they are cancer, they have metastasized. Once cancer hits the blood stream the prescribed treatments can be quite detrimental and very costly which is just not an option for my family.  This leads me to tell you about my current journey into treating pets with cannabis medicine.  I am not a vet, but I do believe we all have the ability to treat ourselves and our pets with natural herbs as complimentary medicine. With a bit of creativity, passion, and curiosity, we can indeed become the masters of not only our own health but our pets as well.

As a self practicing and self taught herbalist and aromatherpist in my adult years, I now come armed with much more wisdom than I had in my childhood.  What I did not know then has certainly motivated me into using the wonderful information age to my advantage to treat our beloved Bear now.  I am proactively treating Bear with complimentary medicine and have been developing recipes specifically geared to boost Bear’s immune system and target unhealthy cells that may or may not be cancerous. Recently with the wave of health claims on Cannabidial (CBD), and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), two chemicals within the cannabinoid group of the cannabis plant, I became fascinated with cannabis as a possibility to heal the human body and our treasured pets!  Although dogs and cats will have varying doses and chemicals needed for their own ailments and body weight, the common variable that gives us the gift of being able to treat our pets with cannabis, is the regulating system that every mammal has, called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Thanks to millions of years of evolution, the Cannabis plant has naturally become one of the best known external sources that can assist mammals to regulate their bodies to a greater state of health and wellness. This happens when key cannabinoids in the cannabis plant bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the bodies endocannabinoid system.  Through what scientists have now been able to verify through research into the ECS and it’s relationship to cannabis, we know that the cannabinoids CBD and THC bind to the receptor sites in the ECS located throughout the body.  When cannabis binds to the receptor sites in the ECS, several therapeutic effects have been shown to occur such as: cancerous tumor reduction, anti-seizure effects, neuroprotection qualities, the regulation of insulin in diabetics, and even aiding in weight loss and or stimulating appetite depending upon the varying amounts of particular cannabis chemicals used.  The vast array of therapeutic uses of cannabis is promising and is still being explored by the scientific community.

When I began researching information on cannabis used as medicine for pets, I was happily led to a plethora of testimonials on CBD helping pets through a simple google search of  “CBD and Pets”.   I then came across a holistic veterinarian website that treats pets with cannabis medicine, and learned that whole plant cannabis can indeed be used safely to treat pets using appropriate dosing of CBD and THC.  This made me feel much more comfortable treating Bear with the cannabis plant. My fear of causing harm to Bear with the possible side effects of cannabis soon turned to confidence.  The rule of thumb for pets is to keep their cannabis medicine closer to hemp based preparations with very little to no THC and high CBD.  No one is recommending getting your pets high with the cannabis used to get humans high.  THC can be very toxic to our pets, so do not do stupid things and blow cannabis smoke into your animals mouths.  I hate it when I see videos of people doing this, it’s so frustrating and irresponsible!

My homemade full spectrum CBD oil made for pets

As an believer in whole plant medicine, I felt it was important to also treat Bear with all aspects of the plant using raw and cooked preparations with high CBD and low THC cannabis medicine.  When using cannabis as medicine for pets and humans alike, it is important to note that the highest therapeutic value is thought to come through the synergy of the whole plant called “The Entourage Effect”.  Using the raw aspects of cannabis gives an entirely different chemical profile than the aged and cured plant.  Raw cannabis contains CBDA and THCA (Cannabidolic acid and Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid) which convert into CBD and THC when dried or cured.  CBD and THC are two of the main cannabinoids in Cannabis shown to bind to the receptors in the ECS, therefore I have focused the treatments with this in mind.

We start every morning with a raw preparation of CBDA and THCA plant matter along with my homemade full spectrum CBD oil applied topically to his skin growths.  Late morning I give Bear his herbal treats made with my homemade high CBD low THC oil with accompanying immune boosting herbs, and end the day with another raw treatment,  an herbal CBD dog treat and topical CBD application.  Yes I am a caretaker by nature, can you tell?:)  So far I have noticed Bear’s agility and overall demeanor has changed for the better.  He is definitely more relaxed around my toddlers when they get loud and rambunctious, and he is even barking less at random noises around the house.  The above factors alone make this journey into using cannabis medicine on pets totally worth it.  I have measured the largest bump on his skin and will update the article every 30 days with the status.  It seems that noticeable changes for growths and tumors tend to take about 90 days to see in both humans and animals according to my google searches into testimonials.  I am hoping to see some reduction in the size of his growths very soon!

My homemade raw full spectrum oil for pets (unstrained). I keep it frozen so the raw cannabinoids stay in tact. It is said that they begin to degrade in 15 minutes at room temperature.

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All information is copywritten. If you want to share it just ask me and be sure to give the proper credit. Thanks!


As a cannabis educator and consultant I do not participate in any illegal cannabis activity. I continue to read the research, watch lectures, and participate in cannabis industry conferences and events to stay on top of new and old cannabis research alike. Article written in courtesy by author and Holistic Educator Kellie Roy Kellie’s Holistic Healing  


Disclaimer: As always consult your vets and doctors before adding any herbal treatment to the health care regimen. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to treat or prevent  or cure any disease.





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